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    I don’t know! Does this sound familiar?!!!

    I don’t know!!! Has this been a demon phrase throughout your life?  Cos my G*d it has been for me! I have often been asked things to which the answer was ‘I don’t know’!!!  It’s made me feel like a failure, stupid, indecisive, flakey… you get the picture.  And I guess if you’re even drawn to reading this then you have a similar experience. In which case, my guess is that this could be a massive turning point for you…

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    Is there such a thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision?

    How on EARTH does one make the right decision? This question opens a giant a bog-mire (if that’s even a word) of self doubt, angst and worry for most people (and yes moi is included 🙂 ) Three clients have spoken about this this week – in very different forms – and they fall into three rather classic categories – which in a flowery round about way can be described like this: