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    A message from my soul on my birthday

    Today is my birthday. And for the first time in my life I’ve also been made aware that it is Lions Gate Day… this happens every year on the 8th of the 8th (August). Having looked it up, I can describe it best as this — Lions Gate is a day when there is a huge increase in energy flow between the spiritual realm and this physical earth… An energy that expands (y)our awakening… For the past week I’ve been…

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    I don’t know! Does this sound familiar?!!!

    I don’t know!!! Has this been a demon phrase throughout your life?  Cos my G*d it has been for me! I have often been asked things to which the answer was ‘I don’t know’!!!  It’s made me feel like a failure, stupid, indecisive, flakey… you get the picture.  And I guess if you’re even drawn to reading this then you have a similar experience. In which case, my guess is that this could be a massive turning point for you…

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    Initiation into motherhood: intuition, self-belief & standing strong

    I was genuinely excited and looking forward to going into labour, much to the amusement of many 😉  I’ve long held a positive view on natural birth, can put myself into a hypnotic trance and I know my body really well through almost 20yrs of yoga and body practices… so whilst I wasn’t totally deluded thinking it would be all fairy dust and daisy chains, I did figure I was pretty set up for it 😉  And so I planed…