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I don’t know! Does this sound familiar?!!!

I don’t know!!!

Has this been a demon phrase throughout your life?  Cos my G*d it has been for me!

I have often been asked things to which the answer was ‘I don’t know’!!!  It’s made me feel like a failure, stupid, indecisive, flakey… you get the picture.  And I guess if you’re even drawn to reading this then you have a similar experience.

In which case, my guess is that this could be a massive turning point for you too…

However today, quite literally in the last hour… I have come across the most INCREDIBLE, life changing, relieving discovery about the phrase ‘I don’t know’.  It’s come through watching John Martin’s youtube on Head Centres in Human Design

Note: Human Design in my opinion is the best personality / awareness / psychometric / work, life strategy & decision making system I’ve come across… self admittedly obsessed lol… I love things like myers briggs, numerology, astrology, soul contracts… but this one trumps the lot (I’ve put a mini description re: Human Design at the bottom of this post if you’re not familiar with it…

plus you can get your own FREE human design chart here.


The long and short of it is this.  I am not supposed ‘to know’.

In fact the phrase ‘I don’t know’ is the most wise thing I can say.  


Because I have ‘open head centre’ in my human design chart (see bottom of post for a diagram example).  And this means that any thoughts in my mind ‘are not my own’… I am absorbing them from other people… literally hearing the thoughts of people and society around me.  A bit like if you’re sensitive and can feel other peoples emotions… this is the ‘thought version’.

If you have an open head centre….  Then being able to hear / absorb other peoples thoughts is great from the perspective of having access to lots of ideas… potentially even being able to help someone understand their thoughts by reflecting them back to them… HOWEVER, they are not your thoughts… therefore YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING WITH THEM… and actually the best thing you CAN do with them is to just let them be kind of interesting… like when you’re reading a book.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  Just because you’ve read Harry Potter doesn’t mean you need to take on his world view around magic… although I’ll bet that if you have an open head centre, then each time you read a book that touches you, you do tend to take on that characters world view lol.  I have 100’s of examples flooding my memories now… e.g. read Jane Eyre… wanted to be pious and devoted like Jane Eyre… read Harry Potter… wanted to be magical…

So when someone asks you what you think?  The answer – if you have an open head centre – is ‘I don’t know’.  Because you don’t.  Because they aren’t your thoughts.  Because you’re method of ‘knowing something’ will NEVER come through your thoughts… it will come through something else (would need to check your personal chart to find that out)… but it may for example come through your emotions or your gut response…

In Human Design, each of us has different centres where our knowing comes through.  But if you have an open head centre… it won’t be through the minds thoughts 😉

I am feeling so blimmin light in this moment.  It’s like oooooooooh, I can just all that go.  Thoughts really aren’t important for me.  And when I don’t know, it’s because my mind really doesn’t lol.  Happiness is awareness 🙂

Olivia xXx

PS/ some extra info below for you as mentioned…

What is Human Design?

If you’re not acquainted with it: It’s the most accurate, useful and advanced system of understanding your personality… with the advantage of actually being practical for your life, not just interesting lol.  I won’t go into it here, however, if you’re on the journey of self-awareness and conscious growth then I can’t highly recommend it enough.  It’s a combination of science and metaphysics, astrology, chakras, i-ching, kabala…

You can get your free chart in many places – here is one particular link  You just need to know your exact time and place of birth.

What is the Open Head Centre?

I’ve copied my chart below for you as an example.

The top triangle is the ‘head centre’.

As you can see, mine is ‘white’.  Any of the shapes that are white are called ‘open centres’.  (If they are coloured (green / brown / red) then they are ‘defined’).

If when you do your chart your’s is also white – then this article is likely a gold nugget for you to reframe your views of ‘I don’t know’!!)

Human Design Chart - I don't know open head centre

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