Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions

The path back to self.  For emotionally sensitive women who over-give, over-edit, & over-think.

You try to do the right thing by others because you care.  Yet you feel stuck, trapped, alone or misunderstood.


You want to find an un-edited version of yourself, express who you really are, feel like you belong and get unstuck in life.


If you’ve been told:


‘you’re too sensitive’, ‘you think too much’, ‘you feel too much’, ‘you’re too dramatic’ 


It can lead to feeling misunderstood, feeling embarrassed and negative self-talk.  So understandably you try to shut down or hide these parts of you.


Whilst you may be able to pretend to the world that you’re happy, smiling, coping… 


Inside you feel emotionally numb, split into pieces or like there’s a volcano inside that’s ready to explode.


And your mind may be stuck in overthinking going 100mph, or caught in negative loops creating anxiety.


The Body Never Lies

The body never lies… and it offers a way out of overthinking and a way into healthy feeling, bringing you back to you.


By tapping into your bodies wisdom, it can be called on for healing many of life’s concerns, for finding a way back to yourself and to discover the way forwards out of stuckness.


Whether you’re experiencing – Emotional Distress, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Life after Trauma, Exhaustion, Burnout, Low Self Esteem – it is possible to feel like yourself again by working on:


  • building your inner resources to bring you back to a place of emotional resilience.
  • being grounded & solid in your sense of self.
  • learning to trust your inner voice and understanding its meaning.
  • getting clear on what you want, or don’t want.
  • piecing yourself back together again.
  • feeling less stuck.
  • feeling more in control of your life.
  • trusting in your  gut instincts & intuition.
  • healing the hurt aspects of your past.
  • quietening the negative thoughts.

Offering an Integrative & Embodied approach to therapy based on over 16yrs experience, that works to restore wholeness, emotional resilience and a grounded sense of self.

An Integrative & Embodied Approach to Therapy

There are many approaches to therapy.


If you’re drawn to an approach that goes beyond the overthinking mind and taps into your felt senses, intuition & gut instincts then this may be a path to explore for you.


As you attune to your body’s way of communicating a new internal relationship emerges. This inner relationship is based on your personal truth and deeper knowing. It opens the way for clarity, trust and healing.


It leads to a sense of wholeness, an emergence of who you really are, and a letting go of who you are not.

What to expect in a session

Throughout the sessions you’ll be guided into your intuitive knowing & embodied wisdom (embodied = the knowing that is held in your heart, gut & body, rather than just your mind).  In practical terms the session will include talking, visualisations, awareness of body movements and sensory practices to aid lasting changes.


At the end of each session you’ll be given suggested focus point(s), exercises or ideas for you to explore such as body & energy practices, meditations, journaling prompts & creative projects to support the discoveries from the session and to help you going forwards.

It’s not compulsory for you to do these.  


My style is multi-disciplined & holistic, tailored to your needs rather than a ridged set approach.  I often blend a number of therapeutic modalities throughout the session.  These may include:

  • Talking Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Wholebody Focusing 
  • Somatic Movement
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

How Many Sessions?

The following gives you an indication.  There are no rules as each person is unique and has different needs and we can discuss together during the first session.


1 – 3 sessions – There are times when you need to tune into something specific and want a held space to help you realign to yourself, so you can find the answers within you.  In these instances 1 – 3 sessions may be sufficient.


5 – 8 sessions – is typically enough to explore something and get clarity and movement on it.


Ongoing – For deeper issues such as severe depression or issues that have been playing out for many years, ongoing therapy sessions may be required for a longer period to allow exploration of the different layers and complexities.  Here my recommendation is weekly or fortnightly with a base of 3-4 months.


Monthly sessions – some clients who have worked with me on a regular basis like to then switch to a monthly session to maintain their sense of self and have a place of support they can rely on for whatever life has bought them that month.


Online & In-Person Sessions

Online Sessions – via zoom.


In-Person Sessions –  Kerswell, East Devon, EX15 2EN.  


Cancellation Policy

Sessions are chargeable with less than 24hrs notice.

How to Book

Please contact me:

+44 (0) 7947 472 135

Session Prices

Therapy Sessions typically last 1hr.


£75 – single sessions

£200 – 3 sessions (to be used within 2 months)

£300 – 5 session (to be used within 3 months)