The most important aspect of this page is for you to get enough of a sense of who I am and what I offer, that it helps you decide if we’ll work well together.   

I love working with clients who’ve experienced deep emotional pain from trauma, life events or depression because I’ve been there.  There’s a story called the room of 1000 demons, I’ve walked through mine and so know what it takes to go through it.  I also know that facing your demons isn’t the end of the road – then you face the challenge of finding your path in life, a path that gives you meaning, purpose, fulfilment.  It gives you a reason to live and an enthusiasm for life.

I have learnt much along the way that I can share, however it’s not about relying on mine.  Everyone has their own unique way through, and a unique path – my work is about helping you discover yours.

One of the most important discoveries I ever made was harnessing, integrating, expressing, honouring the power of the body.  It led to an understanding of why standalone mind based therapies had never fully worked for me… and for many others.

Empowering the body and uniting the mind and spirit within it, creates a rich, fulfilling life that teaches you who you are and enables you to share your uniqueness with the world around you.

It led to my own healing journey and has become the basis of my work with others.

 The bodies intelligence and power has been long forgotten, yet when harnessed it opens up a world of sensuality, healing, beauty, creativity and connectedness to your life and relationships.  Yet typically the only attention it gets is through diets and exercising to make us look good.

What brought me to this work?

As an adult I can recognise and enjoy being intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive, creative and spiritual… however growing up I struggled to understand and integrate these traits. This interior landscape combined with the challenges of life, blended into depression, anxiety and low self-esteem that began as a young child and lasted through to my mid/late 20’s.

In 2004 I experienced one of those moments in that change everything – I realised I wanted to live, not die, and with that realisation came the decision to not just exist, but to find a way of truly embracing life.

Many of the things I use with clients were studied or learnt primarily for myself in my efforts to find a way out of depression.

The importance of the body had already became apparent as a successful tool for managing the stresses in life through the discovery of Yoga in 1997.  Later on Somatic Movement and Intuitive Dance opened something inside me that changed my life forever.


My private practice began in 2006.

 In addition I’ve worked with many teenagers through various organisations, something close to my heart as I know what a struggle those years can be.

Organisations I’ve worked with include: Unicef UK, Johnson & Johnson Vision UK, Metro, Future Foundations, Young Enterprise, Response Development Training, Equality and Human Rights Commission, Battersea Yoga, Chelsea Harbour Club, Notting Hill Harbour Club, Fybre Fitness, Serious Intentions, The Youth of Today, NESTA. Trainer/Coach/Facilitator in over 60 schools, offering personal development, mindfulness and yoga. Presented to groups of over 250 people Delivered training to groups of 5 – 150 people Facilitated 170+ training sessions

My journey in personal development began in 1994 as a young teenager, and has continued ever since through CPD, courses, reading, studies, research, extended travels and self-enquiry.


mid-training – Hypno-Psychotherapy, (NCHP) London

mid-training – WholeBody Focusing, (Marie Connors) UK

2021 Hypnotherapy, (NCHP) London

2018 Shamanic Trance Dance Practitioner (Eagles Wing), Bedfordshire, UK

2011 Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher (Boston Trauma Centre), Boston USA

2011 Pregnancy Yoga Teacher (Yogacampus), London

2010 Theta Healing Practitioner (Theta Healing Institute), London

2008 Somatic Movement Educator, 1 & 2 (International Institute for SME) Dublin & India

2007 Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Yoga Alliance, Sunra Yoga), Egypt

2006 Spiritual Life Coach (Holistic Healing College), London

2004 Person Centred Counselling – RSA (Thames Valley University), London


Specialist Areas

resilience & confidence
stress, anxiety, depression
highly sensitive people (HSP)
developing intuition

Trauma. I work with a lot of people with a history of trauma. Please note that I am trauma informed, not a trauma specialist.


I believe transformation, freedom and the true beauty of life comes from embracing everything, not just the positive.

Life is rich when you embrace the highs, lows, love, fear, laughter, saddness, change, variety, confusion, clarity, chaos, peace.

I don’t believe in perfection, I believe in acceptance, self-awareness and being the best I can be in any given moment.

When I slip into perfectionism… I try to remember to laugh at myself… and remind myself of the above.

I believe in learning from your mistakes and following intuition and instincts over pure social logic.

Be who you are, not who you think you should be…


Feeling alive and free
Honesty in all interactions, especially with self
Seeing beauty in all things
Strength and depth of character
Sense of humour
Responsibility for everything in my life
Finding balance, even in chaos
Accepting my light and shadow sides
Graceful conduct
Following my path