“My session with you was the first time in the seven years I have lived in the UK, that I have felt able to speak freely from my heart. I am trying gather words to say how nice it was to meet you but as usual they fall short when you need them most…” Anil H, Entrepreneur and Business Owner


I thought I wanted a careers adviser then after chatting to a friend she thought it might not be so clean cut as just changing jobs/careers suggested I looked into Life Coaching. I chose Olivia as she came with a glowing recommendation from another friend. Olivia’s grounded and welcoming persona made it really easy to open up and she has helped me get my lust and passion for life back.

Her approach is very kind and considered in assisting reaching the desired outcome. With just a few chosen words she has made me look at my life in a very different and positive way and to which I am eternally grateful. I have returned to the enthusiastic person I used to be.  

Olivia is a very inspiring woman and I have recommended her to several of my friends to have in turn had great experiences.  Ceri J


I certainly took a leap of faith in making contact with you in the first place (well outside my comfort zone!) and what an enjoyable and worthwhile interlude my contact with you has been.   I had no idea what to expect when we first met and I have come out of each session feeling refreshed and positive. I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled on your website and now to have spent time with you.   Thank you therefore for being so professional and yet so personal in your dealing with me. I have found the whole experience enriching and you have added substantially to my faith in humanity.  Andrew B


“I just wanted to express my gratitude for our sessions. I am constantly amazed at how the body works and talks!

Your work gives back the voice to body and brings it alive so as to feel whole again, to be able to live in the present, to be able to deal with any psychological issues that keep me in the past through expressing them in my body in the present.

Thank you for your care and passion in your work..”  Mersedeh K


I chose to work with you because you are so approachable, have a gentle aura… are honest and always have a happy face. You have helped motivate and focus me to commit to a routine in my chaotic lifestyle. I’m thankful to your flexibility in adapting to my ever changing moods and always being sensitive to my pace and not pushing me beyond my limits. Since working together I have much more energy. Thank you!  Lainey


I’ve just been reflecting on our session about the self critic and now I have a better understanding of how to control it, thanks to you and yesterday’s session.  Also I am very curious about my spiritual capabilities and path.  I definately want to fit some more sessions, as I feel we are really starting to delve deeper under the surface to the real interesting and possibly life changing.  Bethany S


“What I’ve loved the most about my sessions is that they’re so varied – every session is different. She really listens to the mood I bring and adapts the session to this.” Holly S


“You words certainly give me the belief and determination to really make this year and me great, something I really need and coming from you, someone I have always admired for what you bring and give to life, is amazing, thank you!!” Emily A


Thank you so much for the session today. I love speaking to you. It always frees something up inside me.  Merit S


There are no strict rules in her sessions and no need to be perfect, but rather an emphasis on enjoyment and wellbeing. I always float back to my life oblivious to the stresses I began with. Highly recommended!”  Jenny B, Consultant


“From first speaking with Olivia, I knew I wanted to work with her. The group had very limited knowledge of meditation and Olivia introduced us to various forms and techniques, everyone found something that worked for them and the reactions were really positive. Olivia has kept all her promises and we managed to build a bespoke programme that worked really well for both of us. As well as being extremely personable, Olivia is a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic individual.” Meditation in the Workplace Organiser Laura Cyfka, Customer Service Training Manager, Johnson and Johnson (Vision UK)


“I have been wanting this knowledge for years and didn’t know it existed. Thank you for finding it all and passing it on. A fun, relaxed and enlightening day which helped me understand lots’ of things about being a woman I’ve been struggling with for years. Practical, no-nonsense, straightforward and revolutionary”   Melissa M


Thanks so much for last session, you really helped me. I especially loved the thing about waiting for the phone call/email and seeing the positive in that. That really helped as that is something that often cripples me. M Stephanos


“So many trainers are great when they’re working from a script but will really struggle when the script isn’t working or just isn’t appropriate. Your genuine spontaneity is an amazing skill for any coach and reflects that you’re deeply connected to your own creativity.” Chris Skilton, Managing Director


“You really have a wonderful gift x”  Grace P


“Olivia is an exceptional professional taking great care to prepare for the class and an outstanding communicator. However what stroke me the most was her understanding of children’s` psychology and interests that breaks the distance between teacher and student and makes her loved by her students” Colleague, Gergana Manova


“Thanks for your energy and great smile” Florian


I wanted to thank you again for putting together that workshop. The stuff about the menstrual cycle alone is hugely important, and I’m really pleased to understand everything much more. I cried when I told my partner about it. I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to learn about and communicate something that’s so important. Melissa M


“It was fantastic to have your calm and professional leadership before and at the event!! I feel that we are not only lucky to have you as a facilitator, but also as someone to guide us (ie great template…insights….). Of course the only way we will be able to achieve our goals for U4U is through delivering at the highest possible level…one step above the rest, and I know we all feel the same…that that is you!!” Ila Panik, Director 


“Inspirational day. Full of practical tips and guidance on how to embrace your femininity with grace and pride. You were such an inspirational workshop leader and it was a very healing and safe space that you created for us all. I would highly recommend this workshop as important to all women to understand more of who we are and to embrace our feminine selves.” LC


“I especially like the way you’re really good at reading where the audience is ‘at’ and tailoring your approach and the activities to suit. Then once we get into the recalibrated activities I think ‘wow, NOW I get why this was a great idea’. It makes working on your programmes really enjoyable because we don’t end up trying to shoe-horn a set of ideas onto the participants.“  Sophie Low


“Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating the brilliant course yesterday – it was a very inspiring afternoon and great way to spend a Sunday.”   Mariam B