The Path Back to Self

when you feel Stuck, Trapped, Frustrated

healing & transformation through self-inquiry & moving body meditation.

1:1 sessions
group class

The Path Back to Self is for...

Women who feel like a shadow of their former self, yet sense there is a free-spirit deep within that’s begging to be let out.


You’ve been through tough times and know what darkness feels like.  Facing your inner demons feels scary but if it means you can move forwards towards a more fulfilling, satisfying and joyful life then your game for it.


You may have been told that you are too sensitive, too intense, that you overthink things… and so understandably you find yourself over-editing what you say, pushing down what you feel… and it’s resulted in feeling like somehow you’re ‘wrong’ or ‘not enough’.


Emotionally you range between feeling like a volcano that’s going to explode, to feeling emotionally numb – and would love to find a way to release what’s built up inside and feel calm and secure.



Mentally your mind gets stuck in negative loops, worry or overthinking and it’s hard to make decisions. You want clarity, focus, direction. 



You want to be a decent human being whose there for others, but not at the expense of your happiness.


You want to feel comfortable in who you are and to have meaningful connection with others.  


You know that for this to happen you need to show your true self to people, to share what you think and feel – but too often this feels scary… and sometimes you wonder if you even remember who your true self is.

You're Drawn to Self Inquiry & Moving Body Meditation

You’re drawn to psychological growth and self-awareness. 


You would love to express your thoughts and feelings freely – without editing what you say and to care less about how you come across to others.


Even if you don’t do it often… you enjoy body practices such as yoga.


When you watch someone come alive through dancing it touches something deep inside you.  You’d love to be able to let go and express yourself this way, even if the reality of dancing it feels a bit intimidating.


The Good Girl, Perfection & The Need for Approval

You are not alone at all if you struggle with this… 


As a child you were probably told to be nice, to do the right thing… in many ways this makes sense… you want to be a decent human being.  


You were likely also told, to stop being so sensitive or overly dramatic, that you’re overthinking things… and because you wanted to feel loved and accepted you did what any human being would do… you pushed these aspects of yourself aside so that those you loved or needed in your life would continue to love and support you. 


The challenge is that now as an adult you can feel unable to express yourself or take actions that others may disagree with – as you understandably fear being judged or rejected or not liked.



You want to find a way to get unstuck, but it’s hard to find clarity and figure out what you really think when there are so many opinions from other people flooding your head.

Over-Editing What you Say

If you’ve been editing what you say and how you feel it can leave you feeling further and further away from yourself… 


Sometimes it’s like there’s a volcano inside, that you daren’t risk expressing in case it erupt’s.

Or you feel numbed out, like you can’t even feel what you’re feeling.


Your mind can get caught in overthinking or negative loops.


You long to be able to connect and talk freely with people, without over-editing what you say. But it feels too scary or vulnerable and the risk of being judged, talked about behind your back or rejected makes it too risky to attempt.

You Just Want to Feel Like Yourself Again

Something needs to change, but you don’t know how, or where to start.


– Perhaps you’ve been through some significant events or life changes and it’s made you realise something needs to change.


– Perhaps life has left you feeling broken apart & you’re finding it hard to piece yourself back together.


– Perhaps you’re surrounded by friends, family, colleagues yet still feel alone, like others don’t really ‘get’ who you are. 


If any of the above resonate, it’s totally normal to be feeling, fed up, exhausted, frustrated or lost.


You’d like to let go of the pressure to be someone that you’re not, of the stresses, over-thinking, negativity… and live a more true version of who you are.


You want...

  • To express yourself freely and not over-edit what you say.

  • To let go of what’s holding you back or keeping you stuck.

  • To let go of negativity and overthinking.

  • To feel calm, balanced and energised.

  • To feel like you belong.

  • To feel in the flow of life, rather than confined by it.

  • To find a way to connect back to you.

  • To have real connection with others.

  • To be able to share your true self, without editing what you say.

  • To remove the masks of pretending you’re ok when you’re not.
  • Why I care about this work...

    "I'm full of self-doubt, until I start to dance... and then I come home to myself and feel free"

    Feeling comfortable to be yourself, both when alone and around others is something close to my heart.


    Most of my adult life, and a large part of my childhood has been spent in trying to find ways in which to feel comfortable with who I am, to move beyond self-doubt, overthinking and people pleasing.


    The eternal search for meaning, purpose, clarity and wholeness has led me through many courses, trainings, life changes and world travels.


    The most powerful tools I’ve found have been through coming out of the mind and into the body. 


    This combined with self-inquiry and being witnessed by others has led to creating strategies for myself and others who want to come home to themselves…


    it’s not about creating a ‘better you’, rather about returning to a ‘truer you’.

    An Integrative & Embodied Approach to Therapy

    There are many approaches to therapy.


    If you’re drawn to an approach that goes beyond the overthinking mind and taps into your felt senses, intuition & gut instincts then this may be a path to explore for you.


    As you attune to your body’s way of communicating a new internal relationship emerges. This inner relationship is based on your personal truth and deeper knowing. It opens the way for clarity, trust and healing.


    It leads to a sense of wholeness, an emergence of who you really are, and a letting go of who you are not.



    Helping you feel like yourself again, whether you’re experiencing: 

    Exhaustion & Burn out
    Low Self Esteem or Self Worth
    Difficulty with Decision-making
    Emotional Intensity
    Stress & Anxiety
    Difficulty in setting Boundaries


    You may feel like you've come home when working together if...

    • you’re emotionally sensitive

    • you come alive when a piece of music you love plays

    • you enjoy body practices such as yoga

    • you love to dance, or love the idea of it even though you feel a bit intimidated by it

    • you love the effect of meditation but can find sitting meditations rather boring

    • stretching your body feels good, but again it’s hard to motivate yourself as it’s boring to do

    • you prefer circles to straight lines

    • you have a rich imagination

    • you enjoy deep conversations, and shallow conversations leave you feeling dull

    • you love colour

    • you love to read and learn

    • have been told, you’re ‘too sensitive, think too much, are too intense’

    • you enjoy metaphors and fantasy

    • having time alone to ‘just be’ feels so good