I Just Want to Feel Like Myself Again

Something needs to change, but you don’t know what.

Perhaps you’ve been through some big life changes or events. You’re no longer who you were… but who are you now? It can feel hard to piece together the person you are now.

Perhaps you’ve just been so busy living and doing what’s ‘right’ and looking after others… that you woke up one day feeling like you’re just fed up, and not you.

You may feel exhausted, frustrated, lost.

Explorations in Self-Awareness, through Moving Body Meditations & Self-Inquiry

Helping you come home to who you are.

Exploring the essence of your authenticity through embodied self awareness practices (moving body meditations e.g. yoga & dance) & self-inquiry (e.g. journaling, talking from the heart practices).

As you attune to your body’s way of communicating a new internal relationship emerges. This inner relationship is based on your personal truth and deeper knowing. It opens the way for clarity, trust and healing. It leads to a sense of wholeness, an emergence of who you really are, and a letting go of who you are not. 

Have you ever asked "Who Am I?"

I consider it the Call to Come Home to your True Self

There are times you’ve felt at home in yourself, perhaps when being creative, meditating or talking with someone who just gets you. But then you walk back into your ‘regular life’ and the feeling is lost and you don’t feel at home in yourself, your body or your life. 

You want to let go of who you are not. 

And bring forward who you really are – to come home to your true self. 

You want to feel like yourself again. To have energy & enthusiasm. 

You want to feel solid & grounded in your sense of self. 

To know what you want, who you are & to stand true to it no matter what life throws at you.

My work is to help people find a sense of belonging, aliveness & beauty in life again. 

To have self-respect, resilience and self-love. 

To find comfort & acceptance of who you are. 

To feel whole.

The Desire to be Authentic

Authenticity is a word that seems to be everywhere. And yet for many people it feels like goal that’s out of reach.

The desire to be authentic presents two main challenges.

Firstly: who is my authentic self?! This one can make you laugh, scream or cry… because of course I’d be my authentic self… if I had a clue who that was!

Secondly: in the times that you do touch base with your authentic self, how do you not drift or get pulled off course?

Letting Go of Self Doubt

“In most areas of my life I’m full of self doubt. Except when I’m dancing… then I feel whole, I feel free, I feel me.” 

Self-awareness leads to knowing who you are so you can live authentically. 

Working with your body’s wisdom (embodiment) & inner knowing of your heart & soul. 

Knowing who you are alleviates self-doubt & increases self-esteem. It means you can make choices that are right for you in work, relationships and living. It gives you more energy as you can stop pretending to be who you’re not. 

My aim is to help you on your path of figuring out who you are. What rules don’t fit. How your inner wisdom can guide you to live in a way that feels good, solid, truthful, integral. 

My aim is to help bring that sense of wholeness experienced during yoga, dance, tai chi and expand it into the rest of your life. So your bodies intuition and inner knowing leads you to deep knowing of who you are and a sense of belonging that goes beyond a class and into all areas of your life.


Life After Trauma

We’ve all experienced trauma. 

Perhaps it’s with a big T or perhaps a buildup of small t’s. 

My work is to help people take back their lives with self-respect, self-responsibility & self-love. 

To find wholeness & beauty in life again. 

(please note, I am trauma informed, not a trauma specialist).

About You

You feel like you have 2 personas. 

The one that you show everyone, and the one that’s hidden inside, perhaps even from you. 

You want to belong and yet not at the expense of pretending to be something you are not. 

You feel different to others, perhaps you’ve been told you’re too sensitive, that you overthink things, your ideals are utopian or unrealistic. 

You’re kind, and often put others first but it can take it’s toll on your own needs and energy levels. You’re a deep thinker. 

You’re sensitive & empathic (feel things deeply). 

You’re creative (even if you’re not using your creativity right now) 

You love the experience of being in your body, perhaps through yoga, dance, tai chi, walking, surfing. 

Self-doubt leaves you feeling lost, confused, frustrated & overwhelmed. 

A lot of the ‘should’s and rules that are expected from society, family, friends… don’t feel like they fit who you are… you follow them because you want to do the right thing and be a good person, but in following them it leaves you miserable, frustrated and feeling like you’re not honouring your souls needs.

Explorations in Self-Awareness, Embodiment & Spirituality

Helping you explore the essence of your authenticity through embodied self awareness.  As you attune to your body’s way of communicating a new internal relationship emerges.  This inner relationship is based on your personal truth and deeper knowing.  It opens the way for  clarity, trust and healing.

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