Writing to Awaken

Writing to Awaken

4 weeks meditative correspondence

Writing from the Heart & Soul

Writing is an incredibly powerful way of accessing your doubts, truth and soul.

Do you find you’re able to share more truthfully when you write?  Do you feel more able to share things in writing that you may feel inhibited to say in person?  Do you tend to forget things when in person and prefer having time and space to reflect and return to your thoughts?  Are you are traveling or don’t have a private space in which to skype?

The soul has a different voice through the written word… if you’ve ever journaled / used a diary, you may have experienced this.  Writing enables you to go deep, explore dark corners and shadows, it allows a unique space for ideas and creativity to be born.  

Please note, you don’t need to be a ‘writer’ or ‘journaler’ to go with this option… you just need to say what you think and feel from a place of honesty.

How it works:

You meditate and then write what’s coming up for you & send it to me.

I in turn, meditate and tune into you & what you’ve written, then allow a free flowing response to come through… 

We repeat this weekly for 4 weeks.  In total, you send me 4 x emails, and I send 4 x emails back to you.

What you can expect:

Typically there is:

* guidance, insights, metaphors, often through the form of story…
* healing, advice, insight and beauty…
* plus exercises and ideas for you to explore such as energy work, meditations, journaling questions / prompts, creative projects.

My emails are unedited, grammar and spelling takes a back seat lol… this is because I’m in a meditative state and the words come through me and I allow them to flow…