Short Stories & Poems

Wake up to your Soul

Be here now. Dear Souls up high. Flying above the sky searching, seeking. Where is home?

They fly and soar and keep moving. Keep moving. For they are lost and seeking entry… into their earthly bodies.

Open yourself to your soul. Invite your spirit in its full essence to come in to your physical form. You have one life. This life. This life is about bringing in, uniting your soul, spirit, your divinity. With the life you hold here on earth.

Wake up to your soul, allow it to climb inside, to expand you. To set you free, to open your eyes. Grow taller, wiser, stronger as your presence becomes filled with light. Love. Presence. Peace. You have no comprehension of how magnificent you are in all your glory.

Your light is the one thing that crushes your darkness. Your darkness is your awakening to your light.

Speak your truth. For your truth is not who you are but what you are.

Come in peace and stand as a warrior. A warrior of light who brings love connection wholeness and unity to this world. The world needs you to stand up. To take your staff and show your beauty to the world. May you be strong. May you be wise. May you be happy. May your soul sing.

There is nothing here but love. Love is the food of Gods. And you are God. God seeks your truth. Your light. Your humble soul.

Stand up. Show yourself. Show your true self.

With love,


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