The Approach

 What’s the approach?

There is more to you than your mind

You have many other intelligence systems, such as your body, gut, intuition, energy, senses, emotions, heart and soul.

Everything here is about valuing, accessing and developing the above intelligences in a way that supports your uniqueness.

When you live life using your innate gifts – life goes from swimming against the tide… to swimming with it.

You’ll be supported to develop your own powerful self-knowledge system.

This can be applied in any area of your life, work and relationships where you feel disconnected or out of alignment.

Helping you overcome blocks, self-healing, finding purpose and passion, easy decision-making, feel energised and alive, increasing confidence, improving relationships, releasing trauma, reducing stress and anxiety.

Everyone has a natural ability to talk from their heart, tune into your intuition and hear what their body has to say.

And when you do this you can solve issues that have been bothering you for months – even years.

 Discover your uniqueness… your essence

Connecting (or reconnecting) to the energy at your core is an enjoyable, illuminating  process and anyone can do it – think of it a bit like kinesthetic and visual learning (as opposed to cognitive).

Increasing your connection to your core essence and inner knowledge centres… you can become more self-dependent and resilient to the constant twists and turns in your life.

Once you integrate the art and language of your many intelligence’s, expanding yourself beyond over-thinking and established habit, you’ll find that…

life just flows a lot more easily… and who wouldn’t want that?!

Use your Intuition

Your intuition is one of the most beautiful and insightful resources available to you.

It connects you to your highest and most profound wisdom.

Think back to a time or moment when you just knew the answer to something, a deep inner knowing that was beyond logical reason.

Everyone has this ability… and I’m yet to have met someone who has not experienced this… even if just once…

Imagine how your life could flow if you learned to truly trust and value your intuition.

 Body Talk

That feeling of freedom, grounding and wholeness you crave, comes from connecting to your body…

This makes your body a key resource.

It can tell you so much about what’s going on in your life and is constantly giving you signals and feedback on what’s right and wrong for you.  Like when someone says ‘that person just gives me the chills’.

By listening to your body and  acting on the signals it gives you it can clear many old emotional and belief patterns that have sunk into your physiological cells.  Mental and emotional stress are classic cases that result in aches, pains and sickness.

If you listen your body will tell you what it needs.  A child is still connected to this voice, have you ever watched a childs body get agitated when it’s cooped up inside all day free itself when allowed to run free outside?


Check these out, do any resonate?  

You don’t need to be told there’s a deeper meaning to life – you came out of the womb knowing that..

You feel everything really deeply, which adds a richness to life – the rest of the time it’s overwhelming.

You’ve invested so much time trying to understand who you are… yet still feel unclear… which is plain frustrating.

You’ve numbed out a part of you and want to feel alive again.

Part of you is screaming inside to ‘be let out’!

You want to be on your path and have all your ducks in a row… but ummm it’s not quite panning out.

Feeling stuck, trapped or confused is oh so familiar.

You’re intuitive but people don’t always get it, which makes you doubt it or shut it down.

You have a natural openness to spirituality.

You can easily lose your head in the clouds – it’s much harder feeling grounded and connected to everyday life.

Your body sometimes feels like you’re not in it, or it’s so sensitive it’s uncomfortable.

If one more person tells you to stop being so emotional or grow a thicker skin, you might punch them.

You know you should have enough zen and self-belief to be beyond the need of approval from others… but sometimes you just don’t.