• My Life

    I don’t know! Does this sound familiar?!!!

    I don’t know!!! Has this been a demon phrase throughout your life?  Cos my G*d it has been for me! I have often been asked things to which the answer was ‘I don’t know’!!!  It’s made me feel like a failure, stupid, indecisive, flakey… you get the picture.  And I guess if you’re even drawn to reading this then you have a similar experience. In which case, my guess is that this could be a massive turning point for you…

  • Short Stories & Poems

    Post-epiphany blues… Now what do I do with my old life?

    You’ve had an epiphany,and life doesn’t look the same…You’re old life is done,yet you still have the same name. On that workshop or retreat,everything felt just oh so clear…You knew without knowing,that there is nothing to fear. Yet now you are home,life feels clunky and odd…You’ve no idea how to be,no idea how or where to plod. It’s as though you’re in no man’s land,between heaven and hell…The new way is calling,but the old way holds it’s spell. How on…

  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    how to use body intuition to find answers (that will work)

    Following the tingles may sound daft – but it’s an awesomely simple trick for staying on your path, getting clear, doing what’s right for you, feeling buzzily creative, super inspired AND leads to successful satisfying endeavors. Intrigued? What you’ll need. Some lightness. Errrrr what? Yup  trust me – follow this little step by step plan and see for yourself!

  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    Is there such a thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision?

    How on EARTH does one make the right decision? This question opens a giant a bog-mire (if that’s even a word) of self doubt, angst and worry for most people (and yes moi is included 🙂 ) Three clients have spoken about this this week – in very different forms – and they fall into three rather classic categories – which in a flowery round about way can be described like this: