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So bored you want to scream? Here’s the fix.

What do you do when you’re so bored you want to scream?!

Well the good news is that boredom is actually stifled creativity.  This is probably a relief to hear… because you can often confuse the feeling of boredom with just wanting to die… of boredom!

If you have that additional feeling of wanting to scream, punch something or explode… it means you’ve got a whole load of life force in the shape of creativity pulsing through you… wanting to be set free!

It can seem odd in these situations.  As there are seemingly two opposite experiences going on.

a) the feeling of life being drained out of you (boredom), b) the wanting to scream (creative life force shouting to be let out).

So the questions to go with are:

1) How do you set the creativity free?

2) What is wanting to be created?

Start with 1… How do you set the creativity free?

Get off your arse and move around.  Literally.  This can be some mental dancing, shaking, flapping of arms to get the energy moving.  Or if you want to keep it more chilled… or less visible to the general public around you, go for a walk (to the shops or even the toilet will do if stuck in an office or with your family).

When you move physically, it allows for other things to move too e.g. your emotions, mind, spirit, energy bodies.  You’ve probably experienced this if you’ve ever done exercise when frustrated or angry about something.  When you start to move and shake things up… your energy and in this case, creativity starts moving too.  It will help release the stuckness and wanting to scream-ness.  And you’ll find you’ve opened one or many doorways for ideas and inspiration to come through you.

2) What is wanting to be created?

Simply ask yourself.  Often it really is that simple and you’ve just not given yourself the space to ask and receive what’s known inside.

If you still draw a blank try journaling.

I’m a big fan of journaling.  When done with both a conscious intent, and a more conscious mind-set of ‘observer / watcher’ it can take you deep into your truth and show you more than purely having a conversation in your mind will do.

If the idea of journaling makes you feel even more board (lol) then pick one of your ‘go to’ activities that you tend to enjoy (that is when you’re not feeling so bored you want to die).  Aim for something that typically gives you at least a 6/10 level of enjoyment.

Be open to WHATEVER comes to you.  Sometimes stuff gets missed as you’re looking for a BIG comprehensive answer.  When in actual fact it’s the small things and little steps that lead to the next step and the next and then sometimes a big ah HA.

I hope this sets some of your screaming boredom into fruitful creativity 😉

Olivia x

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