Re-Alignment sessions


Re-Alignment Sessions (Skype 1:1’s)

“I’d love to be my authentic self… I just don’t how to find it.”  Feel familiar?

  • Are you looking for answers?
  • Do you want a solution that is in alignment with your souls truth?
  • Are you ready to hear your own truth, and move away from what convention & society would have you do?
  • Do you feel you’ve strayed off your path and need to reconnect to your truth?

Bringing you back into alignment through a combination of coaching, healing, hypnotherapy, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, movement & dance.

My work helps you by reconnecting you to your core & helping you hear what your inner wisdom and intuition is wanting you to know… getting you clear on the decisions, actions and way forwards that’s right for you.

These are little power sessions…  There are times when you need to tune into something specific and want a held space to help you realign to your energy & so you can hear your highest truth, find answers hidden within and step back onto your path.

Throughout the session I’ll be tuning into you & and allow a free flowing response to come through… typically there is intuitive guidance, insights, metaphors…healing, advice, insight and beauty…

By the end of the session will leave with suggested focus point(s), plus exercises and ideas for you to explore such as body & energy practices, meditations, journaling prompts & creative projects to support the discoveries from the session and to help you going forwards.

Re-Alignment Session Cost & Booking:

£80 – 70 min skype session
£200 – 3 x 70min skype sessions 

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PLEASE NOTE If nothing is showing in the schedule appointments it’s because I’ve not updated it 😉 so please get in touch via email (I’m slowly returning from maternity leave & moving house so am not as admin organised as usual 🙂

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