Inspirations & Quotes I hold dear

“To learn how to listen to the delicate vibrations of my soul, to be incorruptibly true to myself and fair to others, to find in this way the right measure of my own worth.”

Karen Horney’s (Psychoanalytic theorist) New Year’s Eve resolution in 1904 at the age of 18 (from Adolescent Diaries of Karen Horney)

“The experience of shame is inseparable from man’s search for himself.”

Gershen Kaufman, Psychologist and author, 1974

“The inner experience of shame is like a sickness within the self, a sickness of the soul. If we are to understand and eventually heal what ails the self, then we must begin with shame.”

Gershen Kaufman, Psychologist and author (1996) 

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can
never go back. You are inflamed with a special longing.”
Alan Watts

“Isn’t it true that all people are looking for an experience of meaning?”

And Joseph Campbell replied,

“No, Bill, people are looking for an experience of being fully alive – the rapture of being fully alive.”

From an interview between Bill Moyers & Joseph Campbell