I Am Enough (workshop)

I Am Enough

1 day workshop
Saturday, 10am – 4pm
29th July 2017
Surbiton, SW London
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The topic of ‘I Am Enough’ touches many at their core.

For most people even the phrase makes their face wince & insides squirm…

If any of the following ring true for you, you’re not alone…
– I’m not enough!
– that’s a pretty arrogant thing to think about myself
– I wish I could believe that
– hmmm well, some days, some times I feel enough… but the rest of the time not so much

This creative, reflective & fully experiential workshop will help nurture and expand your self-belief… whist exploring and letting go of what blocks you from feeling that you are enough (and is based upon one of our most popular classes from the Letting Go & Cultivating Wholeness course).

– It’s a day to build trust in your intuition & instincts
– A day to  feel confident in who you are.
– A day to let go of self doubt & low self-esteem.

If you :
– doubt yourself
– lack trust in your intuition & instincts
– find yourself pretending to be something you’re not
– or feel uncomfortable in your own skin…

I invite you to come explore and grow that inner part of you that knows you ‘are enough’.

The vibe of the day is a mixture of depth and lightness… seriousness and laughter.

A space to let go of the masks you’re wearing (because we all wear them) and discover the you that’s beneath them.

When you believe in yourself, you stand taller, feel better & tend to find life a more inspiring experience to wake up to 🙂

What sort of stuff will you be doing?

Everything in the day is designed to reconnect you to who you are.  Including a mix of personal exercises, paired work & group conversation.
– self-inquiry exercises
– guided meditations
– yoga & movement (suitable for beginners)

*No experience is necessary, all exercises are gentle and suitable for beginners.


TBC – Most likely the below (or another venue close to Surbiton Station)
The Coffee Bar, Surbiton Hill Methodist Church, 39 Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT6 6AF.  A short walk from Surbiton Station, parking available.

What to bring

Please bring a yoga mat and/or cushion (I’ll bring some spares, let me know if you need one)

Something comfortable so you can sit on the floor / move easily.  You’re welcome to bring something to change into for the yoga/movement.

How much?

I’ve decided to make the workshop ‘Pay What You Want’.

Many reasons…
– I felt inspired to and I’m deepening my commitment to action intuitions & instincts 🙂

– It sucks when your self-belief is low and self doubt is high and that can sometimes mean overly deliberating about spending money on something (especially for yourself)… this takes that pressure off

– I want this workshop to be available to anyone who needs it regardless of how much money they have

– I want to create workshops that are really valuable and  enjoy experimenting with material – and this way I can ask for honest feedback 🙂

How does Pay What You Want work?

– you’ll pay £15 to register your place (this felt a reasonable amount and it’s so I know how many people are coming & thus can book a venue).

– at the end of the workshop – having experienced it – I’ll give you an envelope in which you can pay what you want (cash / cheque) – combining what you feel the workshop was worth to you / along with your level of income.

– Because most people (myself included) like guidelines, 1 day workshops of this length & kind are typically priced between £60 – £120.

– If you felt the workshop was less than £15 in value for you then let me know at the end of the day and I’ll give your money back.

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