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Becoming a Rock of Self-Awareness

The strangest thing happened when meditating this morning.

I felt so so solid… It was like my energy got so huge and so dense that I could not move… My mind went mental, wrestling with this experience that surely can’t be ‘right’… Yet as I rested into it… and began to then journal from it… I realised I was embodying something I’ve been asking for… to know how to be so solidly me that I can not be shaken off course, can not be knocked over so easily by others… can not feel as though my sense of who I am is fragile to the winds and opinions of others…

And so whilst I’m the first to admit that nothing is fixed, not even a realisation of self… I am fully embracing this experience of solidness… of being like a rock. I am me. I am a rock in my knowledge of me. And when I am my rock, I will not be shifted. Because sometimes I just need to feel solid in my sense of self.

What I journaled…

Frustration, Anger, Boredom, Hopelessness…
All signs you are not living as yourself.
All signs you need to come home to you.
All signs you are living someone else’s life.

Self awareness is journeying inside.

Asking ‘who am I’? breaks the patterns of the above as it gives you the blueprint of You.

It gives you the boundaries of who you are.
It gives you the boundaries of who you are not.

It will give you the freedom you seek.
The truest freedom.
The freedom of self knowledge.
Of self-awareness.

No one can take your self-awareness.
No one but you can give away your self-awareness.
Come home to your body, being and self-awareness so deeply that you become a rock that can NOT be pushed over.

From here you can connect with all.
Because you are connecting from a place of You.
True you.
And lightness will foloow.
Laughter, love and lightness comes from the solidness of knowing who you are.

Be a rock.
So others know how to stand with you.

Your walls can not be penetrated when you are a rock of self-awareness. This is not about being a fortress.
It is about being so full of self knowledge that you can be nothing but your own essence.
And no one can take that from you.

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