30 days of Soul Journaling (free)

30 days of writing prompts to connect to your inner wisdom and soul

To download a pdf with all 30 days of soul writing prompts – click this link

If you’d like to share any of your soul truths on either of the social networks, I’d be honoured to be part of your journey… if you want to keep them private, that’s perfect too. x

Mostly I hope you enjoy them, as soulful journaling is a beautiful practice that can take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery & healing.

The first 4 daily prompts are in the image box above, or click the link (top & bottom of this page) to download them all.


If you are new to soulful journaling… here are some steps to begin…

* Take a moment to centre yourself & set your intention to connect to your soul and higher self – perhaps a small ritual like lighting a candle, a few minutes meditation, connecting to white light…

* When you’re ready, write the question of the day in your journal… “Dear Higher Self… What truth am I hiding from myself?”

* Then let your pen flow, automatic writing / free-writing… (meaning, you’re not trying to think about what to write, your just letting whatever words come, come and capturing them as you go… let your soul ask the question and let the wise words flow from your higher self)

* Its normal especially when starting out, to hear a voice saying I don’t know… this is just your mind panicking and wondering wtf is going on… so write this (even if its 50 times lol) so you can honour that mind truth and clear it out… Then keep tuning back in, breath, meditate, connect to light, whatever works for you…

* and trust in what comes through to your pen / keyboard… as you continue, you’ll be amazed as words begin to appear from a place beyond thoughts, yet feel so authentically real… healing… beautiful… wise… illuminating… calming…

You will know when you are tapped into and writing from your higher self as the energy will feel different… the words will feel different… the tone will feel different…

It may not be deep or profound – but it will always be truthful, real, authentic & compassionate.

With love,

Olivia xXx

click this link to download 30 days of soul writing prompts (pdf)